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When you cook, the smoke, heat, and grease vapors disappear into the ductwork in your attic and roof areas. The danger of collected flammable is invisible from looking at your hood system, and we make those invisible areas easy for you to see through our picture perfect photo documentation system. A shiny hood in the kitchen after cleaning does not mean those hard to reach and even harder to see areas have been properly cleaned. At MotorCity PowerWash, we make certain that every area of your system is accessed so you can trust that the work we promise is always the work that we provide.

MotorCity PowerWash is different from many other providers in that we pride ourselves in cleaning the entire system every service. While many companies may claim to provide the same level of quality, we take the extra steps to ensure that from the initial inspection of your system our clients are assured of a complete cleaning service including the hood, all of the connecting ductwork, as well as the fan unit or pollution control unit that carries those unwanted vapors out of your facility.

By trusting the professional exhaust system technicians at , you are ensuring that your system is maintained to mitigate the risk of fire in your facility, and reduce the severity of damage should a kitchen fire occur.

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